08/10/2017 (Day 483: A Week Of Success And Many Lessons)

This week was the perfect accomplice to the really successful week before because I felt originally that the previous week was something that I could build upon. The first thing that this week offered me was the fact that my physio has said that I am really close to fully recovering from my injuries, which […]

07/10/2017 (Day 482: A Really Fun Marathon Weekend)

Yesterday and today were the two days that I decided to do what I had planned to be a subathon to try and see if I could gain any more subscribers before the price of Twitch subscriptions returns to full price. Since the beginning of September, Twitch has been running a campaign to try and […]

05/10/2017 (Day 480: Did My First Ever Video Review)

I decided that because a developer was very gracious to give me a key to a game that they are currently developing that I would do a video review of the game today, which is called Cheap Golf. I joined a website, which is called Keymailer because my friend CiraCorellia recommended it in one of […]