04/01/2018 (Day 571: Tidying My Bedroom And Thrifting Finds)

Today ending up being one of those days where I did two different things that I would never actually do at the same time, but I was able to actually do these two things together without much issue. I decided that I would this morning go to Poundland and get a new stash of hangers because the other hangers that I had before were not in the best of condition and I thought that a new set of 96 hangers would be useful. I got a lot more hangers than I actually need because if I end up getting more shirts from Qwertee in the future, then at least I have a lot of spare hangers to accommodate for new shirts and jumpers. I have decided that I would put my trousers and lounge trousers in the bottom of my wardrobe because at least it would overfill the rail on the top. The only thing I need to do with the wardrobe is to organise my plushies on top because I feel that I need to reorganise them as I had a plan that when I bought them I would shuffle them around.

The other things I bought when I went to town include was a Legend of Zelda glass, which ended up being an official glass licensed by Nintendo. I love the design and the glass has quite a bit of weight to it, as well as the fact that the price of the glass was half price as well in the January sales. I have noticed that the stores that sell video games predominantly tend to sell a lot of things like the Legend of Zelda glass and other licensed merchandise for half price and more, which for me is great because I have wanted some of the things but felt that sometimes the prices were a bit on the high side. I also ended up getting Super Mario Galaxy for £1.50 or about $2, which considering the price that they game goes for is crazy. I also found some Ghost In The Shell DVDs, loose in the Cat Rescue Thrift store for 10p each and there was some Playstation games mixed in as well. I definitely will be going there more often to check the loose discs because some of the discs were in great condition and I do have a disc spindle to store loose discs which have some space on them.

Overall, I am so happy that there is some progress in terms of my bedroom because it got quite messy after all of the presents that I ended up getting for Christmas. The thrift finds were great, but I felt that there was not enough really to make a video, but I do plan to revive the Charity shop pick up videos that I used to do last year on my Youtube channel once I have a job.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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