27/10/2017 (Day 502: TokyoScarab: Awesome Streamer and Great Friend)

Today I would like to speak about a streamer who I found about 3 years ago and was a recommendation of a friend of mine, Skybilz. Whenever a streamer who I consider a friend recommends a streamer, I definitely listen because I trust their opinion and they know the sort of streamer that the chat would like to watch. I think though is that the fact that Skybilz have been friends with this streamer for a long time that really made me want to check out this streamer. I think that this recommendation was one of the best because what I found was a streamer who played a lot of games that are on consoles that I have not played before I watched. Today I will be talking about TokyoScarab or Toke for short and he is one of the finest streamers I have ever found.

I found him about 3 years ago and I can’t remember the first stream that I watched, but I remember that the games were retro games and I think that he was speedrunning. The thing I remembered was that he was making sure that the community was involved with the stream because he was taking suggestions of what games to check out. I cannot remember which console he was playing because he plays a huge variety of different consoles from NES through to Playstation through to Turbografx 16. This large variety of different consoles means that I could watch him play some classic NES games one day and the next play some games from the Turbografx 16 that turn out to be really fun games. The most important thing for me is that Toke has introduced me to games that I would either never have heard of, therefore not ever having the introduction to the game needed to check the game out, or shown off consoles that I would have not had the opportunity to look into their console libraries of games. Toke was the instigator for me checking out a lot of more obscure games and consoles because without the wonderful showcase of games and consoles that he streamed.

The community of his stream is fantastic because it is very close knit and his does a wonderful job of making his chat involved with what is going on within the stream. The thing I like the most is that there is always something to do on the stream because there is a slot machine that Toke coded from scratch and the win lines are Twitch emotes. I really like this because it gives me and the chat something to do when he goes on a break because sometimes it can be boring when the streamer is on break. I think though the thing that Toke does really well is having a well balanced amount of streaming content because he mixes up retro gaming with speedrunning really well with the occasional splash of casual modern gameplay.

Overall, definitely check out TokyoScarab on Twitch because his stream is really enjoyable and one of the chillest places on Twitch. He does a great job in maintaining really high quality content through all of his streams and makes sure that the chat is entertained in a wide array of different ways.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.


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