17/07/2017 (Day 400: Had A Job Interview Today)

After receiving a phone call on Wednesday and organising an interview, I went for that interview today with quite a high level of apprehension simply because it was the fourth interview that I had been for in the past 3 months. The reason I was nervous was because all of the interviews I had got really close to getting the jobs I went for, but lack of experience was the one reason why I never got the jobs. I felt to myself that I can not gain experience in the places I want to work if I don’t get given the opportunities to actually gain the necessary experience. That is one of the problems of being unemployed in the current work climate is that everywhere I apply for wants experience and I feel sorry for people who have just finished their A levels and degrees because nowadays experience seems to be better than qualifications.

The job interview today I felt actually went relatively well because I was able to use some advice I had received from a couple of friends to my advantage. I was really nervous when I was travelling to the interview, so I decided to do instead of overthinking things, I decided that I would distract myself by playing a game or two on my phone. This worked wonders in terms of calming me down before the interview and I feel that because of the reduced stress, I was able to speak clearer and overall project myself better. I do struggle with interviews and I did get tongue tied a couple of times, but I explained I was nervous and afterwards the nerves did subside for the most part. I won’t hear back from the place for a couple of days, which will help me think about things and just take in the fact that I did my best throughout the length of the interview and also this that I did my best.

Overall, I am happy with how well the interview went and I am hoping that I have at least a chance of getting the job because I really want to get back to work.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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