16/07/2017 (Day 399: The End Of A Great Week)

This week has been a really good week for me because I have been able to sort out some of my morale issues and make some very big progress in terms of a bunch of projects. The first thing that I was able to do was work really hard on quite a few reviews because at the start of the week I was literally on this week’s review, which was worrying me as I had worked really hard to get a big lead on the reviews. However, my plan of knuckling down and actually building some form of lead was successful, even though I could have written even more reviews.

I learnt that I need to reduce the pressure that I put myself under when I am writing reviews because the reason why I got so disinterested in writing reviews for a little while was down to the extreme levels of pressure that I was putting myself under. The thing is it is not like the reviews are my livelihood at the end of the day, they are a hobby of mine and a way of improving and developing my articulation skills through critique. I think next week I need to work hard on these reviews without the pressure because it will showcase a difference in approach and it will also show me that unnecessary pressure will do nothing but be a massive hindrance to my progression through these reviews.

The next thing that will need to be worked on is the content creator blogs because my lead on these blogs runs out this week. I think I wrote so many in a row and once again put myself under pressure and set out an ambitious battle plan to write as many of these as I could in a row. This caused me to burn out in a serious way and it has meant that I have not written any of these for nearly 2 weeks now and I need to get back into writing these.

Overall, this week has been a positive week with a couple of setbacks, but then again I have made some big steps forward. Next week I need to continue this because I am not going to let the negatives bring me down and I need to know that the positives I do every week will help me more than focusing on the negatives.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.




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