14/07/2017 (Day 397: Jennasaiquoi: Inner Circle Friend and Great Streamer)

Today I would like to speak about a streamer that I have quite recently through another streamer who I found 3 months ago. Normally, when I join a new community, I take some time to get to know people before I check out their channels because I want to make sure if I follow anyone new, that the stream would be the sort of thing that I would watch often. Sometimes, I have dived in too soon and found the streams to not be to my taste, however this streamer was a situation where I dived in at the deep end and was really surprised to see an awesome streamer with a huge personality. Today I would like to speak about Jeenasaiquoi who is simply a great streamer with such a welcoming personality.

I first found out about Jenna when I was watching CiraCorellia and at this point, I think I had joined Cira’s community a month prior. At the time, I was considering subscribing to Cira for some time, but finances were not great for me. After shuffling some finances around, I finally decided to subscribe to Cira and Jenna is also a subscriber of the community of Cira subscribers called the Inner Circle. I found out she streamed during a stream of Danganrompa, which is a Japanese visual novel game, which believe me I don’t normally have any interest in visual novels, but Danganrompa drew me in because the subscribers at the time were doing voice acting for all of the characters in the game. Jenna was voice acting a couple of characters in the game and her voice acting was so good, that when she raided Cira’s stream a couple of days later, I simply had to drop the follow because I was fascinated by what she streams.

Jenna mainly streams interactive games with the chat, which include Jackbox streams and The Sims streams where people in the chat are Sims in the game. I think that this is a really clever idea because there will always be a feeling that the viewers of her stream will be in some ways involved with how the stream pans out. I think that the interactivity that she maintains with chat is awesome because the games she plays allows for chat interaction, but she makes sure that the balance between gameplay and chat interaction is perfect. She has a heart of gold and has such a big personality that I can’t help but watch her stream whenever I can because there is a guarantee that the stream will really enjoyable to watch. She is always willing to have a joke around with the chat, however she makes sure that it doesn’t get out of hand and that it is all in good taste. Her moderators are on point and it makes sure that any sort of trolling or rule breaking in chat is quashed before the rest of chat know it has happened.

Overall, definitely check out Jennasaiquoi on Twitch because she is a really great streamer with such a warm and welcoming personality. There is a guarantee that whenever you watch Jenna, that there will be moments in all of the streams that will be really memorable. Her interactivity with dedication to making a wonderful and welcoming community will make you feel right at home.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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