13/07/2017 (Day 396: Project Progressional Report)

Today I would I would speak about how my projects have been getting on because it has been quite some time since I updated how these projects have been going. Recently I have noticed that I have been speaking about projects and what I was planning to do with them, but not actually how these projects have been progressing, which at the moment is actually quite important I feel to you all. I think that I will do one of these maybe every week or two because there are some people who have been wondering where I stand with my written projects mainly as the video projects have been flying out of the door.

Blogs are in a decent situation, although standard blog numbers are still sharply down from a few weeks ago and I think I know why. The summer is now here and most of my readers are in the USA, Europe and the UK and because of this, perhaps the decline in numbers might be down to people enjoying the summery conditions. I was worrying about this for a little bit, but what I need to understand is that even though numbers might be down, I should maintain the high quality of the daily blogs because if I let the quality slip, then it might turn people off from it. However, the content creators blogs have seen an increase in numbers and I think this is because I am writing about people recently I have been following for somewhat longer, which in turn has made these content creators happy. In terms of ahead or behind, I am currently a week ahead of these, but I think this weekend with a job interview on Monday, I might slice my way through a lot of these because if I get a job, then the amount of time I will have with decline sharply.

The reviews are in a great state because I have been branching out the sort of reviews I have been doing and adding a little bit more variety in terms of the sort of games I cover. I used to do a lot of platformer games, but there are some reviews upcoming which will delve into new genres of games, such as racing games and even a party game. I am happy with the amount of views for these reviews and at the moment the views on the reviews is higher than the blogs which is a bit surprising. At the moment, I am 2 weeks ahead on reviews with a 3 week lead close in sight as Review 54 is nearly completed.

Overall, blog numbers are down which I understand and I have taken on board and I will try my best to make the blogs more interesting. The reviews are in a great state and are performing better than the reviews lately which makes me glad because of the amount of work these reviews require.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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