12/07/2017 (Day 395: Lost 5lbs On Week 1 Of My Diet)

I started my diet back up this time last week and it is safe to say that the results the I have seen and the transformation in more than one way has simply been unbelievable. When I started up the diet I was not targeting a set weight per week to lose because I wouldn’t rather push myself too hard to the point of potentially detesting the diet and losing interest again. This is what caused my previous attempts to crash and burn because the first week of that diet I lost 7lbs and I tried too hard to emulate that week 1 success. It eventually led to me going downhill again and back to square 1, which upon reflection I should have stuck with me and fought hard for the weight I wanted to be.

This time around I don’t feel like I will go downhill because I am still able to enjoy some of the junk food that I was eating before, but the amount of it is under a lot more control meaning that the cravings should be easily stemmed. This did not happen before because I would work too hard to resist and then when I had some points left over at the end of the day, I would go over the top and eat too much. At the moment I feel like I am finally starting to take back control of my body and destroying the old eating habits, but one week doesn’t mean that it has been completely quashed just yet.

The biggest step I think is the amount of walking I have been doing since I installed Pokemon GO on my phone. Never would I have thought that downloading the app would have had such a positive impact and aid my weight loss so much. I think though I need to make sure that I don’t push myself too hard because otherwise I risk injuring myself, which might end up potentially being a step backwards. I am making sure that if I do a lot of walking like I did today, that tomorrow I balance it with a much shorter walk tomorrow, that way I can continue to build my stamina and watch my fitness improve.

Overall, in week one of my diet I lost 5lbs and I went from 263lbs (18st 11lbs) down to 258lbs (18st 6lbs), which is a huge step. However, the thing I need to do now is maintain the momentum and follow through with the diet in week 2 because last time I tried to diet, week 2 was where it fell apart.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



One thought on “12/07/2017 (Day 395: Lost 5lbs On Week 1 Of My Diet)

  1. Think of the goal as “healthier”. Less pressure to meet a requirement that can fluctuate pretty drastically anyway. You can do it! I’ve been trying to figure something out because I am definitely less healthy than I should be. I’ve been trying to keep aware of my calories. Those apps are so tedious, but I use them every now and then to give myself a reality check. More movement is always helpful too. I’ve been sweating out some mornings doing some yardwork before it gets too warm here. How’s the weather on the other side of the pond? Don’t forget a hat and/or sunscreen. And stay hydrated!


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