11/07/2017 (Day 394: SpikeVegeta: Master Of Rayman)

Today I would like to speak about one of the first speedrunners that I ever watched and was the gateway into me eventually watching speedruns and becoming a speedrunner myself. For those who don’t know, I first signed up to watch Twitch in 2012 where I initially was drawn in by some Lets Players who were going to streaming some of their playthroughs live. At the time, I was only ever going to create my Twitch account for this reason and maybe never use it again, however there was a little event called AGDQ 2013, which I discovered by complete accident when I was studying for my Degree and I was immediately hooked. The streamer I would like to speak about today is SpikeVegeta and he was the first speedrunner that I ever watched.

I found out about him from AGDQ 2013 where he did a speedrun of one of my childhood games, Rayman and I had never seen Rayman beaten so quickly. There weren’t too many glitches in this run of the game because the amount of tricks and tech then compared to now, is like night and day. But, I watched this speedrun whilst I was studying in my university library because I normally had some sort of video or music playing in the background because I don’t like studying in silence. I was so drawn in and mystified about this speedrun and what exactly it meant to be a speedrunner. So, I sat down and watched the whole run whilst making sure I didn’t get into trouble for watching videos instead of studying and I was almighty impressed by this speedrun. It wouldn’t be for a couple of months that I eventually decided to search for him on Twitch and check out his Twitch channel and the first stream I watched he was also speedrunning Rayman.

When I was watching his channel in the early days, I asked him what speedrunning was and what the things he was doing in the game to make the game fast and he was so welcoming to me and made me feel right at home. The amount of detail he went into in terms of explaining what was going on was superb and he would do this whilst maintaining a high quality of speedrunning. I think without SpikeVegeta and the amount of detail he went into during these first streams I watched of his, I wouldn’t have found the huge amount of speedrunners that I can consider to be my friends today, so I have to thank Spike for this. Nowadays, he doesn’t speedrun Rayman much anymore, but is more of a Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts speedrunner, which both of these series I am still getting into.

Overall, definitely check out SpikeVegeta because without him, I would not have kept watching Twitch streams and become the affiliated streamer that I am today. I also wouldn’t have so many amazing friends of Twitch who are the backbone of who I am today.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.




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