10/07/2017 (Day 393: So Many Videos Are Being Made Right Now)

For those who have been following me the last couple of months on Twitter, you will know that I have been on a huge streak of editing quite a lot of different videos for all sorts of Twitch streamers. I have made 10 compilations in the space of 2 months, which for me was so many more than I was expecting to actually be making and during that time, I was shifting my focus on more than 1 video at the same time simply because I have been working to get the most clips for these compilations. However, considering all of this, I have been really enjoying making these videos so far because the positive feedback regarding my editing style has done nothing but increase my already soaring confidence lately.

I think the editing of videos has been a huge help for me not just improve my confidence, but also open the door to another skill that I have been able to safely put on my resume. To have video editing experience considering the fact that my degree even though I was more on the side of music for media is a huge plus because it is a quality that quite a lot of people in the media industry will be looking for. I think this alongside the fact that I can also compose music means that if someone wants me to make a trailer for their Twitch channel for example or a Youtube channel, then I have all the required assets and abilities to make a high quality video without any issues with the video quality itself. It has been a learning experience that has been hugely positive both for me personally and for my potential job search.

The thing is that I have so many videos that are being made right now because there are a couple more Twitch streamers who want me to make some compilations for them and I think that this right now whilst I don’t have a job is fantastic. The worry is how I will manage all of these videos once I am back in work alongside all of my blogs and reviews that I will be writing, as well as the fact I am interested in getting back into writing music and making remixes. I think the thing I must do this week is make sure that the blogs and reviews are in the best possible state that I can get them to because the amount of time I will have to both play games and write reviews and blogs will be heavily reduced.

Overall, I am happy to have so many videos being made right now, but once I am back at work it might be a different story entirely. I think what I need to do is make sure that everything that I do is in the best possible position that I can leave it in before I go back to work because it could be any day where I get the phone call saying I have a job.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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