07/07/2017 (Day 390: HearMeFarore: I Hear Her Rore Alright)

Today I would like to speak about an awesome speedrunner and a great person who is also part of my Piper Pack Twitch Community. The game that I followed this streamer for is a game that I normally don’t watch speedrunners for because it is a game that I am only faintly familiar with, however it is a game that I am interested in playing again in the future. The streamer that I wish to speak about today is HearMeFarore or Ashley and she is a wonderful streamer.

I followed her around 2015 when she raided another streamer that I watch called YellowKillerBee when she was playing Super Mario Sunshine. At the time, I was just starting to get into watching Super Mario Sunshine speedruns because the amount of tech and strategies that is required to run the game at a high level is quite substantial. I think the interest was sparked because the first stream I watched Super Mario Sunshine speedruns, I felt like I was in the loop as the caster was explaining the tricks and things that were going on. Sometimes when I watch speedruns I feel very confused by the sheer amount of complexity to the speedrun, as well as the amount that can happen in such a small period of time. However, Ashley raided the stream and when YellowKillerBee said that Ashley was a fellow Super Mario Sunshine speedrunner, I had to check out her stream.

The first time I watched Ashley, she was doing Super Mario Sunshine and her time was better than any other speedrunners that I watched at the time. She was really interactive with chat and always willing to answer questions about the tricks that she doing. The unique aspect about Ashley was the fact that she would not reset any run no matter how bad it got, which I definitely appreciate because it allows for the viewers to experience the game more. There have been speedrunners that I have watched that have a tendency to reset when one small thing goes on and whilst I don’t mind this with games that I am familiar with, these full Super Mario Sunshine runs allowed me to experience the game. I think that she is a wonderful person because she is always happy when she is streaming and she is hilarious when the chat is having some banter with her.

Overall, definitely check out HearMeFarore on Twitch because she is a streamer who is more than worthy of your time. She is a quality speedrunner with a wonderful personality, which helps put a face to the streamer.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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