06/07/2017 (Day 389: Important Blog And Website Update)

For those who have been reading the blogs for quite some time, you will know that I have been working quite hard on a lot of different projects, with everything from blogs and reviews to video editing and compilation videos. For people who are new to the blog, recently I have been upping the ante on the amount of videos and projects that I have been working on. I used to not work on so many projects at once, but recently I have increasing this because there is so many things that I feel I can work on and should work on. Today I would like to reflect on the past couple of months in terms of how I have been proceeding with projects and how success with projects is increasing.

Video editing was the thing I added and it turns out to be the set of projects that requires me to do the most work because I have a specific set of standards that I adhere to in terms of video quality. Reviews are things that I can do once I have played a game thoroughly and completed it, then I get the screenshots required for the review and proceed with writing them. I make sure that the reviews are in depth as necessary without sounding like a broken record by the midway section of the review. The blogs are daily things that I write and can write ahead of time if I am writing about content creators? Why am I listing all of these things I do? The reason is because I have been working really hard on improving my abilities to write these projects as much as possible recently.

I think that the video editing is the thing I have had the most success with projects wise because 2 months ago I had never edited a video in my life before. I thought that I would try it after I suggested making one because I thought it would make for an entertaining video, and the video was received positively. Since then, I have been working hard on making the videos have even better editing and higher visual quality and it has been quite successful. I now do weekly videos for FrankThePegasus and I am making videos for 3 other Twitch streamers. Considering this, I think that the fact I have made 10 compilation videos in little over 2 months and I maintaining this schedule well has been incredible.

Now onto the blogs and reviews, which is where things recently have started to become somewhat unhinged. I used to have quite a lead on the reviews because I used to write them live on stream sometimes and I was enthusiastic about writing them, however lately I have not been able to reignite the spark as much for the reviews. I enjoy writing them, but nowadays I have been struggling to stay 1 week clear let alone a month, which is where I was before.

The blogs however have been the complete opposite because I have been able to build quite a solid foundation because I have been finding so many new content creators who I have been really enjoying their content. I think it is the element of freshness and something new which allows me to make such a good lead on the content creator blogs. I used to write standard blogs ahead of time but I realised that writing about each day, even if sometimes they might be the most interesting thing makes the blogs feel more natural. The worry though for me is that the amount of viewers of the blogs has seen quite a sharp decline in the past week and a half, which has got me quite worried. I know that I shouldn’t worry about numbers, but the fact that it the numbers have gone downhill like a steep cliff is quite concerning to me.

Overall, If you have anything that I can do better in these blogs to keep you interested, then you can find me on the social media that you found this blog safely because I want to make sure that you all enjoy the blogs as much as I like writing them. I know that sometimes blog might seem boring on the surface especially when I speak about my weight loss issues for the umpteenth time, but if I can improve with some feedback then I will do everything I can to continue to improve the blogs.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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