05/07/2017 (Day 388: Back On My Diet And Feeling Positive)

After speaking with my family yesterday about a few things, I have decided that it now the time to return to the diet that I was on before my weight went downhill. I think the reason why I have decided that now is the time because I have learnt that my eating habits is the main reason why my weight has not been dropping as much as it should have. I thought that maybe increasing the amount of exercise that I do alone is not enough for me to lose weight because I can exercise as much as I want, but if I eat too much all the time, then there is no point exercising at all.

I think that if I can control my eating habits this time round, then potentially I could break them once and for all. I have been able to break them before, but the problem is that I have only been able to break them for small periods of time, but the issue is that it is maintaining beyond a week. The thing is that I know that I can do it because I have been able to lose weight before, however the issue is that I have not be able to keep the weight off. The eating habits have been the Achilles heel for so long that now I want to break them permanently and if I can, then the weight loss will happen more consistently.

Even though today is the first day of returning to the diet, I really am feeling a lot more positive and more confident in succeeding. It is amazing how detoxing from junk food has already made me feel so much better because I am not full up on food that makes me feel rough. I think though the integration of fruit will be the best way to continue to make me feel happier because I find when I eat fruit rather than junk food, that I feel a lot more energetic, rather than feeling lifeless.

Overall, I am looking forward to pushing hard throughout this diet because I want it to be the final time that I have to start a diet simply due to the fact that I want to succeed and I will by any means necessary.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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