04/07/2017 (Day 387: GarbanzoGuy: This Guy Is Good At Speedrunning)

Today I would like to speak about a streamer who has been one of my biggest supporter since I started streaming all the way back in 2015. Me and this streamer have become extremely good friends to the point where he is one of the moderators of my channel, which takes someone who I know really well and who I trust. There will also be some more future blogs upcoming about people who have been big supporters of the stream and have been the core heartbeat of the stream. I really want these awesome people some to receive some praise from me because without them, I would not have the enthusiasm or determination towards streaming the highest quality content possible. It is safe to say as well, that without this person being there for me and being a huge supporter of the stream, I would have potentially retired from streaming completely and not have progressed in speedrunning as much as I have now. The streamer I would like to speak about is the awesome GarbanzoGuy.

I first met him back in 2014 when I was watching Skybilz stream and he was one of the people that was in a race of Super Mario World 96 Exit. At the time, Sky was the only Super Mario World Speedrunner who I followed and I was quite intrigued to watch some more runners. I didn’t check out Garbanzo’s stream until 2015 and I can’t remember what the first stream of his I watched but I was quite impressed with the amount of speedrunning skill he had, so naturally I dropped him a follow.

The thing I didn’t expect to happen from this follow was that Garbanzo would become one of my biggest fans in my community and one of the biggest supporter. He watches almost every stream I do and he is always chatting with the community and helps me welcome new people to the community. After a little while and once I got to know Garbanzo a lot more, I ended up moderating him because he had done and still does so much to help me out from layout advice to the occasional race. He is a great streamer as well in his own right because he does a lot of Super Mario World hacks and he is really good at speedrunning them. If I ever want to check out some Super Mario World hacks in the future, then I know who I will be speaking to about it.

Overall, definitely check out GarbanzoGuy on Twitch because this guy is good at speedrunning a good variety of different games. He is also very welcoming to new people checking out both mine and his channels.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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