03/07/2017 (Day 386: A Busy Day Of Pure Editing)

Today I decided that there were so many videos that could either be completed or have more content added to the because I wanted to make some big steps this week, which the videos were one of these priorities. I won’t be saying who I have been making videos for because I don’t want to ruin the potential surprise for them, but lets just say that I now know how to feels to be a professional editor making many videos a day.

I spent the first part of the day getting the final clips for the first video, which I can say is for FrankThePegasus and this series of videos are made once a week. However, I realised that there were quite a lot of older clips that I simply had not watched because I wanted the upcoming editions of the highlight reel to be almost exclusively new clips. The thing is though, I felt that I did not want to leave any of those clips behind because after watching through them, the clips have given enough of a foundation that I have the potential to get started with instalments up to the 7th Highlight reel, which is not until the start of August. What I also have been doing to achieve this is to spread out the older clips, which allows the new clips to be at the forefront of the videos, however also having a slight bit of nostalgia for fans of her streams. This particular video will be uploaded tomorrow, which is my normal upload date for FrankThePegasus Highlight Reels.

The second video I worked on was an idea that came out of the blue because I was already preparing a different type of video for this streamer. I have made 2 videos before for her where I have made compilations of subscriber sound scares, which I have enjoyed but then I realised that there was a huge library of clips that had huge amounts of potential. So, I spent nearly an hour going through all of this streamer’s clips that had more than 10 views because sometimes I have found below 10 views tends to end up being potentially repeats. The best of video V1 for this streamer was simply fantastic to edit because it didn’t take me as long as I was expecting simply down to the fact that I am more experienced with making videos now that I have a format and a style of editing that I apply to the videos. I think she might be able to react to it on her stream potentially especially because she has been anticipating a new video for some time.

The final videos are videos that I can talk about for Pawbu because she knows about the videos. I am currently working on 2 videos for her, one of them is a standard best of compilation, whilst the next video in the series for her is a dance compilation. When she gets a new subscriber, she always dances in funny ways, and I feel that there is more than enough dances to make this her 3rd compilation video simply because it is really funny and entertaining.

Overall, today has simply a busy day of pure editing, which is a huge positive considering the fact that it helps with a upload schedule to Youtube. I also think that the past couple of months has been the busiest time for the Youtube channel because there are so many videos that I am really to upload that it could take between 2 and 3 weeks to clear the backlog.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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