02/07/2017 (Day 385: A Wonderful End Of The Week)

Today has been a really proactive day where I have been able to get quite a lot of different things done including some things which have helped me to no end relieve some stress. When I started working on some blogs today I was hoping just to get one or two of them done because I have been meaning to try and build a much needed lead on them. However, within 90 minutes, I had written 4 content creator blogs and finished a review, which is simply insane considering how much I have been struggling to get some projects done in recent weeks. However, for whatever reason, things really clicked tonight and I managed to get through quite a lot of work. I think that this will give me a lot of momentum heading into next week.

I think that this week has been a testing week because of the fact that I have been struggling with a few things, but the positivity has helped guide me through these tougher times. I think though that the fact that the negativity has continued to decline to the point where I can walk about doing things I enjoy and smile is such a big step for me. The thing that needs to continue is the progression and maintaining the projects that are weekly and bi-weekly because these offer me a sense of normality and also help me build a schedule around the other projects that I need to do some work on. The blog and the reviews this upcoming week with the momentum that I have gained towards the end of the week have quite the chance to have a large lead built, which ultimately will reduce the amount of stress that I will be suffering.

Overall, I know that todays blog is somewhat shorter because a lot of things that have happened today are expansions of what I said yesterday and it is basically me acting upon what I said. I think though that this upcoming week could be a big week because I want to treat it as an opportunity to try and lose weight like I have been doing. However I want to take it to the next level because I know I can lose weight if I have some self control.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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