01/07/2017 (Day 384: Half Year Analysis: A Really Good First Half)

I decided today that I would give some thoughts about how the first half of the year has done so far because believe me there have been some amazing things that have occurred in my life. The first topic I will speak about is streaming because at the start of the year during January and February I was one Tweet and one message away from retiring from streaming completely. During these months, I had lost my passion for streaming and speedrunning and I had some issues in terms of rekindling these flames and finding my fiery streak. However, the strength of my community encouraged me to make my return to streaming and speedrunning and I am so glad that this was the case because March and April were amazing months. Then, recently the biggest thing happened and I was given Twitch Affiliate and this made me feel a huge sense of elation because it was almost like Twitch acknowledged the huge potential that my stream has.

Speedrunning has been amazing because I was first of all able to final beat a long standing world record that I had set over a year ago and pretty much demolish Star Fox 2 Any% Normal. The uprising of runners in Star Fox 2 and the fact that they found me inspirational enough to start running the game themselves really made me feel that I was a catalyst for this game. I have also picked up Sonic Drift in the past few weeks and I now have a world record in the game, which feels quite special because having a Sonic world record has a sense of acclaim and success about it. My overall confidence in my speedrunning ability and my streaming ability also allowed me in June to introduce a webcam, which was something I had never thought was possible.

The next thing that happened was the fact that I started editing videos for streamers back in April, with the first video being for CiraCorellia. Cira and her community loved it and it inspired me to start making even more videos. Between mid April and today, I have made and edited 9 compilations, which is crazy considering the fact that I still consider myself a rookie at it. The acclaim that I have received from so many streamers about my editing style has really helped me continue to make more compilation videos and improve as a video editor. When the year started, I never expected that by now I would be a full fledged editor with quite the resume of different videos under my belt, which would be able to fully showcase my ability to edit and make funny and well thought out videos.

The reviews and the blog have been going from strength to strength so far this year, with the viewer numbers exceeding the numbers I achieved in 7 months last year. I think this is because I have changed up my style and actually made sure that I have interesting blogs. The biggest change was the fact that I introduced content creator blogs and the concept of writing about these content creators ahead of time. I have also introduced this mentality to writing reviews because it will allow me to play longer games in the future. Recently however, this has been an issue because I have not built a lead on reviews, which means that the pressure on those projects has been rising as of late. This month’s plan to simply get through as many of these as I can so that I have the creative freedom and the choice of what games to play for reviews, rather than letting my stress levels start to rise about having a matter of days to get a review done.

However, it has not been all sunshine and rainbows because there has been one thing that has deteriorated over the past couple of months and that is my weight issue. I gained quite a bit of weight in May and June because I was not looking after myself and I was eating way too much. 2 weeks ago, I lost my Uncle to a heart attack and a stroke and it was then I weighed myself to my shock that I was at the heaviest weight I have ever been. The last 2 weeks though I have lost 4lbs of weight, which is a start but I need to lose a lot more this second half of the year, so that I can make myself healthier and more ultimately, happier.

Overall, the first half of this year has been amazing with so many great things happening in my life, however the one negative can be sorted in the second half of the year. Believe me, when I write the year end blog, I will be healthier, fitter and at my lowest weight for nearly 7 years, which was 15st when I was 17 years old. My target goal weight is be under 200lbs or 14st 3lbs, which is 4 and half stone in 6 months, which even if I get within 10lbs of, I won’t be disappointed. I am hoping to grow the stream with more subscribers and more streams in general because I feel like this is the start of a larger journey for me.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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