30/06/2017 (Day 383: RetroGamingLiveTV: For All Your Retro And Nostalgia Needs)

Today I would like to talk about a streaming channel on Twitch that is not simply one person, but is a community of streamers who stream on different days and times for the channel. I have done some guest streams for this channel in the past and it is safe to say that I met some awesome streaming friends that I have collaborated with recently because I first met them on this channel. I definitely think that this particular channel is quite rare on Twitch because the fact that it is a pool of streamers all offering a huge variety of retro gaming content everyday, makes the stream quite intriguing to watch because you don’t know what game is up next. This mystery allows me to check out games and find games that perhaps have gone under my radar, but someone streaming to this channel can showcase the game. The stream I would like to speak about today is RetroGamingLiveTV, which is one of the best hubs for retro gaming streamers on Twitch in my opinion.

The first I heard about the channel was all the way back in Summer of 2016, where a streaming friend of mine, Skybilz mentioned to the community where I am a moderator that she was joining this channel. I was initially not too fussed by it because I followed quite a few retro gaming speedrunning channels and felt at the time that I had my fill of retro gaming content on Twitch, however when Sky mentioned that a race was to be hosted on the channel, I immediately checked the stream out.

My first impression of the way that the channel is ran was one of being very impressed because it was being ran really professionally with calendars and schedules for every day of the week. I definitely enjoy the variety of streamers on this channel because each streamer has their own likes and dislikes in terms of genre and type of game that they tend to play. What this offered me regarding some games was a well rounded argument about why some games were liked and disliked by others on both sides of the spectrum. This open minded approach to each streamer and the games that satisfy the sort of game they like to play has helped me find out and enjoy many games that perhaps would have gone under my radar entirely.

Overall, definitely check out RetroGamingLiveTV because the sheer variety of games and casters that stream there means that you will find interesting to watch.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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