29/06/2017 (Day 382: Officially A Twitch Affiliate)

Today I decided to finish off all the forms that I needed to fill in to finish the steps required to become a Twitch Affiliate. I was offered it a little while back but I finally decided now that subscriber buttons have been rolled out for affiliates that now was the time. The reason why I held back of getting affiliate up and running was simply because I felt like I had not earned it fully, but looking back I was being silly and I understand now Twitch would not have offered me affiliate if I had not earned it. The strength of my community recently has been a huge testament to this and has made me realise a few things about my stream.

The first thing it has made me realise is how far I have become as a streamer since my very first stream over 2 years ago. Back then, I had no idea where streaming was going to take me and if anything I did it when I felt like it, but the quality of the streams were definitely sub par. I mean the game audio and game video were so far out of sync that I wonder why I never decided to capture the game the way I do now. The issue was that I was so new to streaming and I felt like I didn’t have the ability to make my stream look good and stand out. Nowadays, I have a very high bar that I set for how the stream should look and sound and this has allowed me to take my not great onboard microphone on my computer and actually make it sound half decent. This journey has been something I would have never expected and I wouldn’t have changed a single step.

The next thing is that I understand now that there are people who are dedicated to watching my stream as often as they can and are fans of the work that I do. I would have never expected this to happen nor the size of my community now to have ever happened because I thought that I didn’t stand out from the crowd enough. This is proof that I am a good streamer because if I wasn’t, then I would not have had the turnouts for the stream that ultimately have lead to my affiliate status.

The final thing is that even my friends who are much bigger streamers than me might be able to watch all the time, but they are more than happy to help me out with growing my stream with advice. The advice from Snowlit and The Chillest Podcast about streaming really helped with how best to shape my stream and myself to make the stream the best it could be. Without this advice from such amazing people, I wouldn’t have been able to pursue my passion as a speedrunner and streamer to the level that I have reached now.

Overall, seriously thank you to everyone who has watched the stream, followed and shared the stream around because without you, I would not be a Twitch Affiliate nor would I be as passionate about streaming as I am now. You are all amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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