28/06/2017 (Day 381: A Big Step For My Fitness Achieved)

In my everlasting fight to try and control my weight, recently I have tried implementing some exercise into my routine because exercise I think will big quite a large aid in my weight loss programme. Normally, once every couple of days I aim to walk around the block that I live on, which is around half a mile or so and for me is quite manageable because I am not looking to push myself too hard initially. The reason for this is simply that I have had a lot of injury issues with my feet when I push hard because I am flat footed. However, occasionally I try to sprint or jog for some distance as I do want to push my stamina harder and harder as I continue to do exercise because the more exercise that I can do, the more calories that I will able to burn.

I am also reducing the amount of snacks that I have been eating recently as well because it is the snacks where the pitfalls in my grand plan come into play. The way I am counteracting this issue is by not stripping out all of the snacks entirely from the start because as I have learnt from past attempts, this simply doesn’t work as I end up craving these things. The cravings only get worse with willpower and eventually leads to me binge eating, which is the main catalyst for my weight issue for so long now. I can still enjoy these snacks if I moderate it and don’t binge eat, although some willpower will be required to make sure that the overindulgent side of me does not take over.

The achievement today in terms of my fitness was that I was able to go from home to town on foot, which is about 2 miles in around 40 minutes. My average normally is about 50 minutes to an hour and this is because I normally only walk and take it easy to make sure that I avoid the potential injuries I might suffer. However, today the mentality was quite different because there were some sections of the trip to town that I was sprinting and at quite a good pace. I have not fully sprinted like I have today is around 2 years because I have not had either the confidence or the stamina to even attempt it.

I think this is a big step for my fitness achieved, however this means that more things can be achieved with me and my fitness and these achievements will happen by losing more weight. I can work as hard as I want to get fit at the weight I am now, but if I can lose weight, then the stamina and fitness I used to have when I was about 14 or 15 can still be unlocked because back then, I was quite a fit teenager and I have fitness in spades. However, as my weight rose and I had some issues with binge eating, these fitness faded like a star at dawn.

When I was sprinting down one of the hills towards town today, there was a strange feeling of euphoria because I felt like I was young again, but when I stopped sprinting and felt knackered, the feeling of determination that I have encountered recently really kicked in. I understand now that the fitness in my body is just waiting to be unlocked and weight loss at my age means that this fitness still has a chance of returning. The only issue is that previously when I have picked up injuries and pains, I have had a tendency to basically stop and quit too early. Now, I want to push through the pain barrier and the injuries because I now that I can do it if I can continue to try.

Overall, today has been a real eye opener because I have learnt that the fitness that I used to have is available to be unlocked if I can continue the success of the past few days of my weight loss programme. The road might be long, but the end result that can be achieved will be worth it because it will be a healthier, lighter and fitter me, which will definitely be worth the effort.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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