27/06/2017 (Day 380: Pawbu: A Brilliant Streamer And Great Friend)

Today, I would like to speak about a streamer who I recently discovered completely by accident, but it turns out that it was one of the happiest accidents I have had on Twitch. For those who don’t know, I am quite active on Discord, which is like Skype for streamers and their communities and I find it to be more convenient than Skype because you get to meet new people and interact with everyone. I am a part of quite a lot of different servers, where I have found some awesome new friends in the past year or so, which some of them have become some of my best friends. This streamer is someone who falls under this criteria and the story of how we first talking was sheer coincidence.  The streamer and friend of mine I will be speaking about is Pawbu.

I first met her by complete coincidence when I was chatting in MiniNinja9’s Discord channel and I was looking for some advice about which bot to use in my chat because I weren’t sure whether to go with Moobot or Nightbot. We ended up talking via text for a little while and we got talking about the topic of music, which for people who know me, I am very passionate about and have done countless remixes of streamers. We got talking about these remixes I had done and she had mentioned to me that she and her husband were band leaders, which caught me off guard but also got me interested in speaking with her. She also was very interested in the remixes that I had done previously, so we joined a voice call.

The first thing she said to me was that my British accent was simply amazing and she could listen to me speak all day. This is something that continues to happen to me all the time where people from the United States really like my accent. I personally don’t like the accent I have, but I am not sure why Americans have such an admiration for my accent. After the introduction, Pawbu listened to some of my remixes that I had made for other streamers and she really enjoyed them. We ended up talking for nearly 2 hours and we got on really well, which eventually led to following her on Twitch and this ended up being a really good decision.

Pawbu is a such an awesome streamer because her personality is very warm and welcoming and she does a really good job at making some awesome creative crafts. The amount of time and dedication she puts into each project has actually inspired me to work that extra little harder on all of my current projects. Pawbu is one of those streamers who are simply quite rare on Twitch because she is both extremely talented at making awesome crafts and still is able to maintain a schedule where she also plays a wide variety of different games. I even made a best of stream for her because she said that she had wanted a compilation for quite sometime, but she didn’t know anyone in her community who did video editing. When I did the video for her, I had been doing video editing for about 5 weeks and her video was the video that I really found my sort of editing style.

Overall, definitely check out Pawbu and her stream because she is a streamer who from the first time I watched her, I knew I was going to be quite the fan of her stream and her content in general. Her community is also amazing and it makes for one of the communities on Twitch that I look forward to watching both for the streamer and the community equally.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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