26/06/2017 (Day 379: Feeling Quite Happy And Content)

Today has been the perfect start to the week and a great building block to continue on from a successful week. I think that my attitude is also starting to change because the negativity that I was still struggling with somewhat last week has been a mere distant memory to me. From the moment I woke up, I was feeling quite happy and content mainly because there is a realisation that even though progress has been slow towards getting my morale up, the morale is at least not going down anymore. I do think that if I can continue working on my morale issues like I have done today, then I can see the negativity potentially not returning for quite some time.

The main reason for this attitude shift is because I realise that there is no need worrying about the future, instead reflecting on the lessons that I have been learning rather than preparing for future mistakes is what I have been doing. The issue that sometimes when I have made mistakes and screwed up in the past, I have not acknowledged the mistakes that I made and I would continue to make them. This vicious loop of despair from not learning lessons and annoyance that I made the mistakes in the first place is what has caused me to drop in terms of morale. However, today my morale has skyrocketed because I understand the mistakes I have made and I want to learn from them.

The low morale previously was also the reason why I had so many issues with getting ahead in all of my projects. However, my goal at the moment is to try and get at least one or two projects completed per day and then taking day by day rather than thinking about the final end goals. This approach worked for the most part last week, but then again it was more of a tester to see if the efficiency of my work improved and I when I focused up, I was more efficient than ever. I feel that as my morale continues to get better, then the amount of work and the lead I will have on my projects will only grow larger and larger.

Overall, I know today was in-depth about my morale and how I am feeling, but compared to 2 weeks ago, I have transformed and I think that my uncle will be proud of me.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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