25/06/2017 (Day 378: A Successful Week Of Recovery)

When I entered this week after the turbulence that I had struggled with the previous week, my main goal was not really to complete any projects in particular, but more about getting back on my feet and working on fixing my morale and mood. I knew that this week would not match the quality of any of the weeks previous because I understood that my morale and mood would not recover fully for a few weeks. However, these presumptions and expectations of the week were exceeded and beaten with relative comfort.

The first thing that I was able to do was work on a huge bunch of different videos and finish preparing for some other videos. I will concede that working of the videos for a wide variety of different streamers and content creators was what I focused on because I felt that I could continue to make progress, as well as continue to improve my video editing skills. The main reason why I also focused on videos was because there was quite a few videos that I needed to edit and some videos that I was able to add some clips to, so that the videos would at least be somewhat closer to completion.

The video that I finished this week for FrankThePegasus was acclaimed by everyone who watched and there was a partnered streamer friend of hers who also reacted to it. This meant that the video reached a much wider audience than I could have ever imagined. After this, I spoke to FrankThePegasus to see if she wanted me to make weekly videos because I wanted to continue to gain experience, however initially Frank said to me that there was no way that she could pay for me to make the videos. The thing I proposed that I make these videos weekly as passion projects so that I can get more experienced with videos and I also mentioned that I would never expect payment for these videos. Frank was more than happy to oblige and allow me to make weekly videos that will be published every Wednesday. This will be key experience for me because it will allow me to edit videos to a deadline, as my previous videos did not require me to meet deadlines.

Overall, even though I didn’t do too much for the website, I have been able to get somewhere with a bunch of videos, which is better than no progress at all. I do think that I can increase the intensity that I work at during the upcoming week because this week I was only in first gear and progressing slowly. I feel that I can shift up a couple of gears this week, so that the progress is much more balanced.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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