24/06/2017 (Day 377: So Many New Projects, So Much Organising To Do)

I have mentioned that I have had a lot of projects that I have both been trying to organise and get done recently, however there have been some things with certain projects that have either had to be tore down and started again or new projects have entered the fray. The first thing to mention with the projects that I have been working on is that the videos especially at the moment are requiring a lot of time from me and the hours I have been putting into them have been much higher than I am accustomed to doing for other projects. What this has meant for me is that even though I have been tackling projects one at a time, because of the evolving nature of the videos and the considerable amount of research I am needed in terms of searching for and getting footage, I have still had to have these projects at the forefront of my mind.

I think at the moment the reason why I am feeling that I need to stay organised with the crazy amount of videos that I am working on is because I am not used to having to work on considerable amount of videos in a short span of time. I have done videos here and there for the past couple of months, but the recent videos have been coming at me thick and fast and sometimes I have felt lost in terms of what to do next. To put things into perspective, there is one video I am currently editing still and there are 3 videos that I am trying to acquire clips as they become available. One of these videos is now part of a series of highlight videos that I will be doing for a streamer once a week, which will be interesting to do because these videos will be on strict deadlines every week.

I am also trying to stay on top of blogs and reviews the best I can as well alongside this because there are some deadlines that I want to try and meet. Most of the time though with the reviews and content creator blogs, I write these as far in advance as I can physically and mentally do and at one point I was a month ahead on reviews. The thing I need to try and do is balance the video editing more efficiently with the reviews and content creator blogs because even though the workload for me is increasing substantially, I still believe I can excel and push myself through these projects and produce high quality content.

The thing as well is that the more I focus up now whilst I have so many projects and reviews to do, the better off I will feel later on. The other thing is that for 2 videos that I am making do not have deadlines and these videos I am still waiting on some more highlightable clips from the perspective streamers so that I can make their compilations. These videos for now can be put on the back burner to basically be checked out in a few days because there is no point worrying too much if they don’t have deadlines.

The best way to describe how I am feeling about the increase in projects is that I am part of a circuit and the projects are different circuits. These circuits are the moment are currently broken off from one another and what I needed to do is make these circuits link up again. So the videos circuit is the one which is conducting the most energy and therefore getting the most attention from me at the moment. The reviews circuit is barely generating any power and the circuit risks running out of power completely if I don’t fix the circuit. The content creator blog circuit has been weakening as of late but is starting to generate more power and is getting more efficient. I know this analogy is somewhat weird, but it is the only way to describe it. The conclusion is that the videos are what I have been putting the most energy into, whilst the blogs and reviews have not had as much time to work at full power.

Overall, I know there is a lot of work for me to do, but if I can balance my time even better, then these projects can and will get done. I think once I am in the swing of one weekly edited video with other videos on the side, then the other projects can continue to thrive, but at the moment it about maintaining what I have and pushing myself harder. I believe that there is a lot more I can do if I focus up and face these projects head on.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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