23/06/2017 (Day 376: Goochie_UK: Birgirpall’s British Guy)

I have mentioned in the past that I am quite the fan of Birgirpall and the content that they make, but I am also quite good friends in all of the people in the community. Since I found Birgirpall on Twitch, these friends have been a lot of fun to hang out with and also to play games with. It feels like a really happy extended family and when I found out that some of these friends also did some streaming on the side as well, I had to open my eyes and check out these streamers. Today’s streamer is an example of that because he has also streamed on his channel when the 2 Birgirpall members are unavailable and still offers a stream for members of the community to watch. This streamer and friend of mine is Goochie and have been really enjoying his streams lately.

I found found out that he streams about a month when Birgirpall were unavailable to do a stream because of some things that they had going on. When this happens, I tend to think about who else I could watch instead because I tend to watch them quite often on Sundays, however another friend in the community brought to my attention that all of the Birgirpall Patreons were in fact playing over on Goochie’s channel. I was immensely surprised because I first of all did not know that Goochie streamed at all and secondly was annoyed with myself that I had not checked out his stream before as it was of a really high quality.

The quality of the stream is great because Goochie has put quite a bit of effort into making the game look great, but also the overall feel and look of the stream. Goochie’s personality also helps the stream stand out because he is a proper happy-go-lucky British guy if I have ever met one, which I know because I am British myself. He does stream a good variety of different games with everything from multiplayer games with his community, through to Dark Souls III challenges and pretty much everything else in between.

Overall, I think he is a streamer who I can see definitely continuing to grow and get more popular because he really cares about the quality of the content he puts out. I think also the multiplayer games aspect of his stream allows for the viewers to get involved with the stream. Finally, he is very interactive with chat and is always extremely happy to answer questions and generally have a conversation with the chat.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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