20/06/2017 (Day 373: JuxtoGaming: No Juxtaposition Here)

Today I would like to talk about a really nice streamer who is really entertaining and a really cool person in real life. This streamer is one of the many streamers that I met for the first time when I went to Rapture Gaming Festival last month and she was one of the most welcoming people I met at the event. When I went to Rapture not knowing any of the streamers in my team, I was actually quite nervous, but this streamer among many others made me feel right at home and helped me not feel nervous at all. I even had a selfie with her at the event and she was more than happy to spend time with me and get to know me as well. The streamer I will be talking about today is JuxtoGaming and she is a really cool streamer and great person.

As I mentioned, I met her at Rapture Gaming Festival and after I got to know her, I decided that after the final day to drop her a follow on Twitch. The funny thing is that I kept forgetting what her Twitch username was, so I eventually had to write down in my phone so that I would not forget because if I had of forgotten, I would not have found her wonderful stream. Juxto is a great variety streamer who plays everything from The Sims through to Euro Truck Simulator and it was Euro Truck Simulator she was playing when I watched her for the first time. The thing which surprised me was that she immediately remembered who I was and the conversations we had at Rapture, which made me feel really happy.

I really enjoy her streams because she is so bubbly and happy all the time, as well as really good at chat interaction. She even sometimes scrolls back through chat to see if she missed any questions or any conversation, which for me is a huge positive because when chats more quickly, sometimes things get missed. Juxto goes that extra mile to maximise engagement with chat without it affecting the gameplay. I think that the variety of games is one of the reasons why I watch her because seeing what she is going to play on the next stream increases my interest in watching.

Overall, definitely check out Juxto’s Youtube and her Twitch channel because she is so much fun to watch and interact with. Her sense of humour and her happy-go-lucky attitude to streaming makes her a fun streamer to watch.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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