19/06/2017 (Day 372: Back In The Saddle And Back To My Best)

I woke up this morning with a new found determination to work really hard on all of my projects because I am going to work to make myself proud. Normally, I wake up really groggy and feeling not the greatest, but for some reason today was an entirely different story. I have been able to sort out a few things that have been bugging me for the past few days and I feel so much better that I have been able to sort these things out. So, what things have I been able to sort out today that has made me happy? I am quite glad you asked.

The first thing was the structure of all of my projects because I will be honest, the old setup where I was pushing myself to do a lot within a matter of weeks was simply not working because I was putting myself under unnecessary pressure. This pressure was actually detracting me from even trying because there was this sense that I simply would not be able to do everything in such a short time period. The other problem was that the layout of things to do was so out of date that I decided to pretty much get rid of the old layout and redo it from scratch.

The approach to these projects is changing because instead of saying that a lot of things need to get done in a short time period, I am instead aiming to try and do one of the projects per day, so that I am still challenging myself, but not pushing myself into insanity and so far today it has worked quite well. There is a sense that one thing a day is doable whether it be continue an RPG or write a review/blog and also this feeling of whether I can do even more. I think that this approach is for the best because the 100 projects I have planned I am aiming to be done by the end of the year, which allows me the freedom to wait for some more content for some of the compilations or allow me to playthrough a couple of games without the feeling that I am not doing everything at once. I think that pushing myself like I was, the projects were simply not getting completed and it was affecting me.

Overall, I am glad to be back on the wagon and getting back to my normal self after the past few difficult days. I am a long way from 100% but I am getting closer to feeling somewhat normal.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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