16/06/2017 (Day 369: DanaCrystalis And The Commodore 64 Quest)

Today I would like to talk about an awesome streamer who has been on a quest to find Commodore 64 games that would be considered interesting and fun speedruns. This quest is something similar to other challenges that I have mentioned in previous blogs like Absnerdity’s SNEStravaganza where the stream plays every game released for the console. I really like watching these challenges being undertaken because there is a sense of mystery and intrigue when the streamer is playing a game that most of the audience and the streamer know little about. Also, the feeling that you are taking a journey with the streamer to explore the entirety of a console library is quite fascinating because there is a sense of wonder about what the next game has in store. Today I will be talking about DanaCrystalis, who has been on the C64 quest to find speedruns from the Commodore 64 library.

The first time I heard about DanaCrystalis was actually from Absnerdity I believe, after Dana raided the channel and Absnerdity brought Dana’s challenge to the attention of the chat. As someone who does not have any experience with retro gaming computers, I initially was not that intrigued by it, but when it was mentioned that it was to find speedruns, that is what caught my attention. I didn’t at the time nor follow any other streamers who speedrun games from retro PC’s like the Commodore 64 or Atari ST for example. I thought to myself that I might as well check out Dana’s channel when he was live next because the search for speedruns in a game library as large as the Commodore 64 was going to be quite the intriguing watch. Safe to say, my pre judgements about whether the stream would be interesting was quashed immediately because I ended up really liking the stream.

The way that Dana does this challenge is by going through every game, no matter where they were released and does the games in alphabetical order. He even plays multiple games that have the same name, which if it were me I would have dismissed straight off the bat. However, the fact that Dana does do this shows a high level of dedication to finding interesting titles from the Commodore 64 to speedrun. Safe to say, most of the games encountered on stream from this library, tend to be games that would be quite boring and repetitive to speedrun, but Dana has found a good few games that make for good speedruns. However, he doesn’t just find the game to speedrun, he actually then does speedruns of the games to a high level, which I think definitely offers a good dynamic to the stream. Rather than finding the game and letting someone else do it and recommend it to other retro PC speedrunners, he takes the time and effort to route the game to a high standard. I think that this stream is definitely unlike other challenge streams because it is more about discovering games than playing every single game all the way through.

Overall, definitely follow DanaCrystalis because watching him try out every single Commodore 64 and finding out some of the bad games that were released for that computer makes for a great and fascinating watch. It is also the perfect stream for people who have nostalgia for the Commodore 64 and grew up with it because he will be playing every game released for it.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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