15/06/2017 (Day 368: I Have Lost Someone Special To Me)

Last night whilst I was watching streams like I normally do, I heard some news that absolutely tore through my world and my heart. I found out that my Uncle Andy who I was extremely close to and I adored with all of me had passed away from a heart attack. At first, I thought it was all lies and it was a joke but it was not and once it was confirmed, I felt like the mirrors of my world had shattered into a million pieces. The realisation that I would never see my Uncle who had always been there for me growing up and someone who was simply a wonderful person made me feel overwhelming sadness like I have not ever felt before.

My Uncle Andy was one of the finest people that anymore could have ever meet because it was such a kind and caring person who was always here when you need him most. Throughout my teenage years and into my early 20’s was when he helped out the most because he give some hugely valuable advice and guidance that has shaped me into the person I am now. He was a loving father to 4 children, an amazing husband to my auntie, an amazing son to my nan and an amazing brother to my Mum. He was such a huge personality who I will miss with all of me.

I think grieving for me here will be really difficult because Uncle Andy was someone who was there for me and knowing that he won’t be there for me anymore makes me feel so upset. Even as I am writing this blog, I am crying because it has hit home and it has hit me hard because I am upset for everyone who knew him. I have a lot of memories with him, but I wanted to make more memories and I feel that he was taken away from the people he loved so much too early. Normally in these blogs, I don’t get emotional and upset, but this is something that has rocked me to the core and it hurts so much the realisation.

Overall, this blog is dedicated to the memory of my Uncle Andy who was such a wonderful loving person who was taken from this world too early and will be sorely missed. I will miss you Uncle Andy will all of me, but the memories that I have of you will remain strong and you will always be in my heart.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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