14/06/2017 (Day 367: Super Sonic Drifting)

I decided last night to start learning and speedrunning a new game because I wanted to return to speedrunning after a week with something completely different and fresh that would start to show my intention to add variety to the stream. I realised a couple of weeks ago that switching things up for the stream and adding variety is vital because I have a platform to grow my stream. The best way to grow I learnt to have some more different games on the stream, but also have some structure to the stream, meaning that the shorter speedruns could potentially be at the beginning and end of the streams.

Normally, when I stream speedrunning, my issue is that I do one game for the whole stream, meaning that some of the other games I want to speedrun tend to not get run. The other issue is that some of the shorter games that I speedrun tend to not work too well for 2 hours worth of attempts and might end up getting somewhat boring or stale after a while. I think that starting with shorter speedruns and ending with a short speedrun is a great way to maybe bookend the stream and have some form of structure. This will also allow me to speedrun more games at the same time because there will be more variety to the games that I will be speedrunning.

The game I did my first runs of last night was something completely different compared to my other speedruns mainly because it is a Sonic game and also a racing game, both of which I would have considered uncharted territory for me. The game, Sonic Drift was a game that I was a little bit familiar with because I had played it on a Sonic Compilation about 10-15 years ago and I remember being intrigued by the game.

The first run I did ended up being quite a strong opening run where there were mistakes, but it was a good starting point. I did get a run where I would have ended up being 2nd place out of 3, but Twitch was having some issues and went down mid run, meaning that I lost that personal best video. However, the final run of the night I beat my personal best by 0.1 seconds, meaning that I had a record personal best in the first category, which is Green GP.

Overall, I am looking forward to doing even more runs of this game because there are 2 categories that I have not done yet and it is a fun game to start the stream with. I think there will be more Sonic Drift in upcoming streams because the game is so enjoyable to speedrun.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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