13/06/2017 (Day 366: One Year Anniversary Of The Blog)

Today’s blog marks the one year anniversary of Day 1 of the blog where I said “This is something that I have never done before” and started off a journey that I did not know would be amazing as this. When I started writing that first blog, I literally had no idea about what I was getting myself into because my concept for it was for it to be a digital diary that would require to have to keep buying lots of notepads to maintain. Also, my handwriting is not the greatest, whilst my typing skills at the time were decent and I was treating like a chance to improve my ability to type more effectively.

Day 1 of the blog looking back is somewhat hilarious to look back at because my writing style was quite weak, as I had not written anything of length since university and it is safe to say that I was quite rusty at it. There is also a paragraph that for some reason I repeated twice and I still don’t know why to this day why I did it. But, after that first day and working on making the website look somewhat presentable, I had started my blogging journey.

The initial response was quiet because it was the first one that I did, but I did not promote it like I do now because I wanted to rely on an old fashioned word of mouth approach to the blog. However, after realising about 100 days in that this was not working, I shifted over to the style that I do now with promoting it on all my social media platforms. The first day that I did this I noticed an immediate spike of both interest and read numbers of my old blogs, which made me realise that I was missing a trick all along.

The whole first half of the first year was a learning experience because there were so many issues that I was having with writing the blog due to the fact I was writing them at 11pm at night when I was tired out. There was even 1 day where I missed publishing the blog because I left it so late and fell asleep before I could write anything, meaning I woke the next morning in a blind panic to get a blog written. This was the catalyst to change some things around with the times that I write these blogs, but also change up the content to have some Youtubers and Twitch streamers get their own blogs from me. The reason for this change up because I wanted to showcase the people who I follow on Twitch and Youtube and perhaps get them some more attention. This turned out to be one of the best decisions in the blog because I have had so much positive feedback from the creators I write about to the point where some of them now actually follow the blog and read it everyday.

The reviews were something that I decided to do because I had wanted to do them for so long, but because I didn’t have any video editing skills or any confidence in front of the camera, I thought that written reviews would be a better idea. These reviews are what have allowed my writing style to develop the best because I have had to work both on phrasing of sentences and articulation to make sure that I was not sounding confusing to the reader. The reviews have done really well, although some of the reviews have not had a large amount of reads because some of the games I cover are somewhat more obscure.

This first year of the blog has been a real learning experience for me and a realisation that I can share my life through this medium without being judged on my disabilities. That was the goal from the start, was to share life from someone who has mental disabilities, but also show that we are as normal as anyone else. I feel that I have achieved this because I have made so many friends through Twitch who are now my core audience for the blog. My Facebook friends as well have been really supportive of the blog and shared it around whenever I post, which helps spread the word.

The thing I would love to make clear though is even though I have now being doing these blogs and reviews for a year does not mean that the journey is over, far from it. I have enjoyed sharing my up and downs, my successes and failures and showing you, the reader the awesome people that I watch on Twitch and Youtube and I intended to continue writing. The original goal was to write the blog for 100 days and prove to myself that I can keep something going without either forgetting about it or abandoning it.

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has read the blogs throughout the past year, even if you have read only one blog or you have read all of the over 400 blog entries that I now have, you have all been awesome. Without you, the readers I don’t think I would have enjoyed the journey of the first year or be looking forward to what year 2 has in store.

Overall, thank you all so much for all of the love you have shown towards me and the blog because this was something I never thought would happen.

Also, this is something I have done before, which is a reference to the title of day 1 “This is something I have not done before”.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow in year 2 of the blog.



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