09/06/2017 (Day 362: The_Greenleaf_Effect: The Randomiser Of Zelda)

Today I would like to speak about a streamer who I met completely by accident, but has quickly become a really good friend of mine both on Twitch and away from Twitch. This seems to happen to me quite often where I find someone either on another stream that I moderate for or by having a good look at the Twitch Directory. Recently, this has definitely been the case where exploring the Twitch Directory has opened my eyes and allowed me to find not just awesome streamers that stream great content, but people who I can consider to be my friends, even if they live an ocean away from me or on the other side of the planet. This streamer is someone who falls under the happy accident category and someone who does know a lot about The Legend Of Zelda speedrunning, especially the randomiser. Today I will be talking about The_Greenleaf_Effect, who is one of the kings of the The Legend Of Zelda Randomiser and an all round awesome guy.

I found Greenleaf because he would do a lot of Randomiser races with another friend of mine, Skybilz and for some reason I was aware of him but never really followed him. It wasn’t until I was in a Discord call with Skai when she was playing Final Fantasy XII during a chill stream that I first ran into Greenleaf. The first thing he said to me was that he really liked my accent because him and his family have relatives who whenever they visited him, they had thick British accents like mine. We laughed and joked during this stream for a couple of hours and it was then that I decided that I should follow this Greenleaf guy and who would know what friendship would flourish from it all because of my accent.

He is a really good Legend Of Zelda speedrunner who does quite a lot of randomisers and also does commentary for this randomiser tournaments and races. His knowledge of the game is of a really high level and he pretty much knows everything that one could know about the game. When he is commentating and in the zone, he sounds like the sort of commentator who I would see at eSports events because he is so professional in his delivery and explanations. He is also a really cool guy when he is streaming because whenever I visit his channel, I am known as the “Cool British Guy”, which is something I never thought I would be associated with in my life, but it is a great moniker. On stream, he is so laidback and really interactive with the chat, whilst maintaining a high level of gameplay throughout and I think it is his experience doing the randomiser tournament commentary that has allowed this high level of multitasking.

Overall, definitely check out The_Greenleaf_Effect on Twitch because he is a streamer who is definitely worthy of your time if you are looking for a place to have some awesome banter. He is a great speedrunner of Zelda and is really knowledgable about the game to the point where people who are new to Zelda leave the stream knowing so much more than when they first tuned in.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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