08/06/2017 (Day 361: A Successful Experiment)

Last night I decided to try and do a experimental stream that included two major differences to the stream that I am used to doing. The first change was that I was able to pluck up the courage and actually stream with a webcam, which previously I was too nervous to do because I was worried about being judged on what I look like. However, I did not get any negative comments about my looks whatsoever and it was more about the content that I was streaming which was the second change. It is safe to say that I will be streaming more with webcam now that I have the confidence because if anything, it might help me grow my community, as there will now be a face to the voice. I am not sure what was holding me back previously because I should have plucked up the courage and just gone with me, simply because if anyone did judge me on looks, then it is their prerogative and not mine.

The other thing that I experimented with was to do a creative stream where I was writing video game reviews on stream because I have had the urge to write reviews, but due to everything that was happening in my personal life, I have not had chance to write anything. Alongside this, I also did allow for song requests because of the fact that there would have been no other audio apart from my typing, which whilst could induce ASMR was not my plan at all. This turned out to be quite a success, even though there was a troll that needed to be dealt with after he requested a song with horrible language in it. Apart from this hiccup, the stream was a success and I definitely think that I want to explore doing more streams like this in the future. However, the thing I won’t do is do too many creative streams because I need to make the main focus of the stream is purely speedrunning, but I think the occasional creative will offer more variety.

Overall, I am glad that the creative stream was a hit because it was quite the gamble from me and I am not known for taking risks that might affect things later on down the line. However, this was a stream that ended up being worth it because there was a lot of positive feedback and it reassured me that variety is the way forward.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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