07/06/2017 (Day 360: Upgrading The Stream)

I have spent a good chunk of today working on a few upgrades for the stream because they have been required for some time now mainly in terms of moderation and spam links. The reason for this is that I used to have a bot in my chat to do this for me, but because I did not fully understand how it worked, I decided to not use it. The only issue with this is that I have had some issues if there were no other moderators in my chat, however due to the amount of moderators I now have, this is now not an issue. The thing is though, it is always helpful to have an extra line of security against potential trolls showing up in my chat and annoying me and my community.

The second reason why I have reintroduced a bot is that I have wanted to do some creative streams where I write video game reviews so that I have some encouragement to sit down and actually work on them, rather than continuously putting them to one side. The positive about having a bot is that I can then have some song requests on stream because there of course won’t be any game music coming through the stream, so other music will of course be required. The bot that I have set up, Nightbot allows for song requests for everyone, as well as myself if I feel that the chat has become somewhat quiet. This means that there is some input from my viewers watching and a feeling that they can add something to the stream, rather than me being the main vocal point.

The final reason why I felt that a bot was required for my stream is because it will be quite a convenient place to put links to all of my social media, as well as this website. Normally, viewer would have to scroll down to the description to find these links and sometimes the links don’t necessarily always work, whilst with Nightbot, there is a guarantee that they work because I am able to test them ahead of time. Also, the fact that Nightbot can bring these up on timers so that people can find these links in such a way that they can use both the commands to bring up the information or the timer.

Overall, this is a stream update that has been overdue because I have been looking at doing some creative writing streams for some time now and the reviews offer me that option to do writing streams once in a while.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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