06/06/2017 (Day 359: Degen Dash 2: Gotta Go Faster)

Today I wanted to talk about the final of the speedrunning trilogy of marathons that I have been doing recently. So in the past few days I have done Speedrun To Change The World 3 where I raced Star Fox 2 Any% Normal and I did Lester The Unlikely for Speedrun Community Outreach. Both of these runs have been very consistent and solid with not many mistakes in the runs and I would love to top it off with a solid Any% Hard run at Degen Dash 2.

I first heard about Degen Dash 2 because I did any% Normal in the first Degen Dash marathon and I did quite a good run for the marathon back in November of last year. When the announcement came through that there would be a second marathon, I decided that I would submit for the marathon, but I was not sure which game or which category to run. At the time, I was learning Lester The Unlikely and Star Fox 2 I was pushing hard in Any% Normal, but Any% Normal I had ran before. I did not feel confident enough to submit Lester The Unlikely because I was still so new and I was not at all consistent. That left me with Any% Hard Star Fox 2, which I decided to submit to see if there was any interest in the organisers having Star Fox 2 back for a second marathon.

I initially expected it to get rejected because having the same game in back to back marathons is something that I have noticed is not normally a successful way to get into marathons. However, I got the message through that it had been accepted and I straight away decided to derust the game in the past week. I am not the best runner of this category anymore, but I am still able of showcasing the game and the category hopefully in a positive light. The organisers of the marathon are great and been very encouraging towards me and the run, which is today at about 2:30pm EST or 7:30 GMT.

Overall, definitely check out the marathon because it is coming towards the finale of the event and I think that you will enjoy the content.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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