05/06/2017 (Day 358: Important Updates)

Today I would like to unveil a few things that will be changing regarding the content that  I will be streaming. First up, from Wednesday onwards, I won’t be streaming Star Fox 2 for a little while because I have hit a point where I have burnt out with the game and also I feel like that I have done enough with the game to make me feel about shifting away from it. Now, to clarify, this does not mean that Star Fox 2 will never be seen on stream again because it is not the case. I have been speedrunning the game for roughly 2 years now and the members of the Star Fox 2 speedrunning community have said that I was the one who got the ball rolling and I was the one who did most of the routing that is seen in the game today.

I think at this point in time, the Star Fox 2 community is stronger than it has ever been and I feel ready to step aside from the game for a little while because I want to recharge my batteries with the game before moving on to some other projects. In the past, whenever I have stopped running Star Fox 2, there would be no other representation for the game as I was a lone runner of the game for the longest time, but this community of Star Fox 2 runners are dedicated and really hardworking. Without Oyster for example, Any% Hard and Any% Expert would not have solid routing, planning or the knowledge of where the powerups were in case they were required.So, what does this mean in terms of other games for the stream and will there be new games? The answer is yes, there will be new games entering the fray that I have not played or speedran before and there will be games that I have speedran before making a welcome return.

The first new game I would like to unveil is a game I have been routing for the past couple of weeks is Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei for the SNES, which is a game I have played quite a bit in the past year. This is a game that I have been fascinated with speedrunning for about a year now, but I have not had the chance to even think about routing it because of how the game could be. I am thinking that about 5 hours is a good estimate for how long the speedrun could take when it is fully routed. I say fully routed because no one has speedran the game before due to how difficult the game is, but I am determined to route it.

The second new game I would like to unveil is a game for a console that I have never speedran before, which is Sonic Drift for the Game Gear. I have played this game before on multiple Sonic and Sega collections and I have quite enjoyed playing the game in the past, however not many people have done speedruns of the game and I think that maybe doing some runs might be a good way to start the stream. It is not just new games like Sonic Drift that I am planning, it is more planning the layout of the stream and a structure for the streams.

The last new thing that I would like to unveil is that I will be doing some Super Mario Land 2 randomisers from time to time because I am looking to return to Super Mario Land 2 as a speedgame, but I think the randomiser will help add more variety to the stream. The reason why Super Mario Land 2 Randomiser rather than Super Mario World is that I lost interest in Super Mario World speedrunning a long time ago, even though I might experiment with it with the upcoming changes.

Other games I am looking at testing the water with is Tetris 2 being the first game. The reason why I am interested in returning to Tetris 2 is because I found the game to be something different enough to get my attention and the speedrun is relatively short. Mickey Mania will be returning definitely because I feel that it is a game I stopped speedrunning too soon and it will take some time to relearn everything about the game. Kirby’s Dream Land might happen from time to time as I think I can push my time lower and plus the game is quite fun to run. As I mentioned earlier, Super Mario World might be returning if I can stomach and try to get my head around the speedrun again.

The big question is what is happening to Lester The Unlikely considering the progress I have been making with the game? Lester is definitely staying right now and it will be within the everchanging lineup until I can settle on 3 or 4 games to have as my main lineup. Although, I might push this to 5 games if I feel that I can remember the routes for the games effectively enough.

This period in the next couple of months whilst I step away from Star Fox 2 will be an era of everchanging fortunes because there will be game configurations which don’t work and I will need to chop and change games to get the right lineup. I definitely am going to miss speedrunning Star Fox 2, but I do need some time to step away from the game because now I feel that the game is in safe hands and won’t fall by the wayside. I also want to challenge myself in new ways in terms of speedrunning, as well as branch out and enter the unknown.

Overall, I hope you all are looking forward to these changes because whilst I am anxious to step away from Star Fox 2 like I am planning to (unless I get a crazy urge to return), I am excited to see what the future has in store. New speedrun configurations will be interesting to experiment with, but it will be great to return to some games that I have not speedrun in so long. The new games as well will offer me something fresh to learn and also improve my ability to be a versatile speedrunner.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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