04/06/2017 (Day 357: What An Amazing Week)

This week has been a week that I won’t be forgetting in quite some time because there has been so many things that have happened that have been really positive. In previous weeks, there have been things that have brought down my morale and my overall feeling and this would continue to affect me throughout the week. However, from the beginning of this week, things started to look up and did continue to do so throughout, meaning that I am ending this week with a consistently rising morale.

The start of the week began with news that I was going to be in 3 marathon in total in 5 days, which I have completed 2 of them at the time of writing this. The first marathon was in Speedrun To Change The World 3 where I did a race in Star Fox 2 against Tokko_Tomcat, which was the first ever Star Fox 2 race. The race started out interestingly because we both ended up with the same seed, meaning that we were both on a level playing field, with no advantage to either runner. I ended up losing by about 10 seconds, which I am disappointed by, but the race was so much fun to take part in. I really enjoyed the feeling of adrenaline that I experienced in the race and it was valuable marathon experience because I was able to play very well under pressure and I think it was perhaps my strongest showing at a speedrunning event.

The other thing which was perhaps the biggest thing was that my Mum was discharged from hospital after being in hospital for 2 weeks. I have never been so keen to get home and hug my Mum like I did when she discharged on Friday because I found it difficult to cope as my Mum is like my rock and helps me whenever she can. I think though it has taught me valuable life lessons about being self sufficient and learning how to find solutions to issues myself. But, it is such a good feeling to have Mum home and recovering from her injuries.

Overall, I am happy that things are looking a lot more positive because it is a great way to counter the negative weeks that have preceded it. There will be a big announcement next week regarding the future of my stream and the speedruns that I will be playing on stream.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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