03/06/2017 (Day 356: Speedrun Community Outreach)

Today I would like to speak about a marathon is currently going on to raise money for speedrunners who can not afford to get to SGDQ. This marathon is going on for 24 hours and the goal of the marathon is to raise $5000 for South American and European speedrunners to pay for flights, hotels and spending money for the trip to the speedrunning marathon in early July. I first heard about this marathon when a streaming friend of mine was trying to raise money for her expenses to the event when she linked the Sonic Discord to the marathon. The marathon I would like to talk about, which my run is at a $5000 incentive to unlock is the Speedrun Community Outreach marathon.

The marathon started up this morning with Metroid Fusion 100% which was a really solid run and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I have watched some Metroid Fusion runs before but the runner did a really solid job explaining everything about the run, with everything from the region differences through to explaining the tricks that were being done in the run. I think that this run was a great opener to the marathon because it is a game that a lot of people remember from other marathons.

The schedule of the marathon looks really solid with a lot of really well known speedrunners playing games that are extremely familiar. For example, KissMyAfroCard who is considered to be one of the master speedrunners of Castlevania is in the marathon, as well as TheMexicanRunner who is extremely well known for completing NesMania, a challenge to beat all of the NES games that were ever made. These runners being in the marathon and me being a donation incentive makes me feel like that I am one of the better runners because I would not have been picked otherwise. I think that the marathon is making me nervous because I know that there is $5000 riding on me performing well and that is quite nerve inducing because it could be the largest audience I ever do a speedrun in front of.

Overall, please check out the marathon on Team Ludendi’s Twitch channel because the money is going to people who have been successful in getting into SGDQ but perhaps cannot afford it. I think that the runners the money is going to are speedrunners who deserve their chance to go and run at the largest speedrunning marathon in the world.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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