02/06/2017 (Day 355: Going Fast At Speedrun To Change The World 3)

Today is the day of the first speedrunning marathon that I am a part of in the next 5 days of speedrunning marathons, where I am partaking in 3 separate marathons. I am quite excited by the amount of marathons I am in because it is both hectic for my practice schedule and categories that I am running, but also a chance to showcase me and the games I speedrun in front of sizeable audiences, which in two cases will be for charities. This particular marathon will be raising money for Charity: Water, which is a charity that raises money to provide fresh, clean drinking water for the poorest nations in the world. This marathon, where I will be racing Star Fox 2 Any% Normal at 3pm EST is called Speedrun To Change The World 3 and it is shaping up to be an awesome marathon.

I am not too sure where I first found out about the marathon or where I first heard of it, but there was 1 thing that when I found it out, pretty much guaranteed my interest in submitting. The organiser of the marathon is a friend of mine and one of the elite Super Mario World speedrunners, Rezephos who I have a lot of respect because of his speedrunning ability. I decided to submit Any% Hard and Any% Normal because I wanted to showcase both categories and one of them be a potential donation incentive. However, one of my fellow Star Fox 2 speedrunning friends also submitted any% Normal and instead of having one person do both categories, a race of Any% Normal was proposed by Reze. I jumped at the chance to say yes because in the 2 years I have speedran Star Fox 2, I have never taken part in any sort of game in any way, shape or form. I think that the race will be close because my competitor, Tokko_Tomcat has really been improving as of late and will definitely push me to my limit.

I think the randomness of which planets we get will give advantage to one runner or another, but because I am the world record holder and I can consistently get 11 minutes or under for most setups, it will be whether I or Tokko make a mistake. We have raced quite a few times in the lead up to the event and I have won 3 out of 4 races, which shows that Tokko can beat me if I am now firing on all cylinders. I think that this race will showcase the high speed nature of the speedrun and hopefully entice more people to pick up the game.

Overall, definitely check out the marathon at SpeedrunCTW on Twitch and Twitter, where they have links to the schedules and donation incentives. My race is between Castlevania 1 and Portal, so in with really solid speedgames.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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