31/05/2017 (Day 353: Thrifting Luck Continues)

I went to town yesterday because I needed to get a few things that I needed for my dietary changes and I decided that I would visit a couple of thrift stores that I normally go to. I have said in the past that I would not be going to these charity shops because I already have quite a sizeable collection of games for the consoles I collect for, but sometimes intrigue gets the better of me. I think that it is the fact that I am in town and I decided to check these stores out whilst I was passing them. I am really glad I did because I was able to find quite a few gems for crazy low prices that I am looking forward to playing in the future.

In one of my favourite stores lately where I have bought quite a few of my rarer Playstation 2 games, they recently have got quite a lot of original Playstation games in. For nearly a year they did not stock these games because they decided that they needed to build up a database of games and a knowledge base of the sort of prices that Playstation games go for. This originally disappointed me because before the last couple of weeks, I used to get quite a few rare Playstation games and at the time I did not have another place to get Playstation games for good prices apart from occasional finds.

When I visited the store the past couple of weeks, they have had a whole bunch of Playstation games in stock with a huge variety of different titles from the common to the rare. For example, they had a copy of Vagrant Story in stock but because I don’t have much money at the moment, I sadly could not afford the game. However, the store had a whole stockpile of Playstation 1 games for 50p/65c each, which as soon as I saw them and the staff told me the pricing for them, I had to lift my jaw off the floor because 50p for a Playstation game is absolutely crazy cheap. In the last couple of weeks, I must have picked up about 20 new Playstation games and it is the most games that I have found for this console in such a short period of time. Safe to say, my Playstation collection has had a needed boost because my PS2 collection is sizeable, but I have been missing some more Playstation games for my collection.

Overall, after this thrift, I definitely won’t be holding back like I was because at the end of the day I am spending nowhere near as much on thrifting, but I am being much more savvy towards what I buy.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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