30/05/2017 (Day 352: Edobean: Tetris Attacks Megaman With a Cute Voice)

Today I would like to speak about a streamer who is one of the funniest and best streamers I have watched because she has a such a great personality. This streamer is actually a rare case of finding a streamer through her reading donations at a speedrunning event. I normally don’t ask who the donation readers are an event because they normally introduce themselves quite regularly, but this donation reader I had to ask about due to how polite she was and how much of a confident donation reader she was. I asked on Twitter actually whilst she was on the microphone and someone told me it was Edobean and she is who I will be talking about today.

I first heard of her when she did some donation reading and she got some of the primetime donation readers slots, which I think is justified because of how good she was. I felt that she has a really good rapport with the speedrunners who were running the games at the GDQ events that she has done commentary for and she also never buts in whilst the commentators are mid sentence. This really helps makes the runs she does donations for flow extremely well and she is great at these events. After the SGDQ of 2015, I decided that I was going to drop her a follow because she seemed like a really nice person who was really enthusiastic about speedrunning.

I can not remember the first stream that I watched of Edobean’s, although I think it might have been a Tetris Attack speedrunning stream because she is a prolific speedrunner of the game. I was stunned and in awe about how quickly she was able to play this game because the pace she was going at actually made my brain hurt. My initial thoughts were that my speed that I could play regular Tetris was being put to shame by someone who so fast at Tetris, but then I learned to appreciate the fact that Edo had been playing the game and speedrunning it for many years. The thing I like about Edo’s stream when I first watched was the fact that she was able to respond the chat questions, whilst playing and speedrunning Tetris Attack at lightning speed. This takes a lot of skill because balancing between high speed speedrunning action alongside making sure that any chat questions are answered can be difficult to balance. Edo also speedruns Mega Man X at quite a high level, which really adds to the diversity of her stream, as well as casual playthroughs from time to time. The reason why in the title as well I mentioned a cute voice is because she can do a really cute anime voice and it is so authentic that it is a marvel to listen to.

Overall, definitely check out Edobean’s channel because she is a streamer who is worth your time both for her great speedrunning, but also her amazing chat interaction. She does this with aplomb and I can definitely learn a few things from her stream.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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