29/05/2017 (Day 351: Mental Preparation Begins)

Today I have been thinking quite a bit about the week ahead because there is quite the mental preparation that is required. The pressure that I will be under in these upcoming speedrunning marathon will be higher because of the fact that my name is starting to get out there with the recent success of the Star Fox 2 Any% Normal world record. This is something that I consider to be my magnum opus, however it will set a standard for what is expected of me for future runs of this category. The other pressure regarding Star Fox 2 is the fact that I have run Any% Hard in over a month and I will need to do a full derust of the category, as well as understand the new tech that has recently been found. For this run, both derust and analysis of the new things are required because I don’t want to omit anything new that has been recently found in terms of routing. I don’t want the Any% Hard to seem outdated and lacking some of the new things found because it will mean that I might not represent the category correctly.

The big pressure though is on the Lester The Unlikely run this Sunday because there is quite a lot riding on it especially with the donation incentive associated with the game. A normal run of the game in a marathon like I did recently is great, but it is the fact that the donation incentive is such a colossally high figure that means I am pressuring myself to excel. The audience size is something I will need to prepare for on the day because the size will be something that I have not streamed to ever in my streaming career. I have streamed to over 2000 people when I did Star Fox 2 at SNES Superstars, but this is on the largest team stream in Europe and as many as 5000 people could be watching. I am also worried about making mistakes in the run because the game is so technical that a small mistake could affect my goal of a sub 20 run. However, I think that the nervousness regarding this run is because I am still a new runner to the game and there is pressure to put on a show and represent the whole community that small mistakes might cause me to crumble. However, I need to learn from the previous run that mistakes happen and I have a really safe estimate to work with.

Overall, mental preparation had begun in a big way because I feel if I don’t and crumble in a marathon, then it might affect my ability to submit for future marathons because of a potential reputation to struggle under pressure. The way I need to think about is how the Lester The Unlikely world record thinks about it and that is “The marathon runs are just another run and treat them like this and you will be fine”.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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