28/05/2017 (Day 350: The End Of A Week Of Progression And Preparation)

This week has ended up being quite a good week, even though things midweek went awry because of the fact that I lost my Excel document with all of my review plans. It turns out that saving to autorecovery folder means that I can not get the file out of there and it is in fact a bug with the saving setup of Microsoft Excel. What this meant was that I spent nearly 3 hours rescheduling the entirety of the plans and projects that I want to complete, which I ended up planning 2 months worth of content. I still need to finish the final 3 weeks of planning, but safe to say that I might have enough games to review to last me until the start of 2018. However, there are no Playstation games in this plan and Playstation games won’t be played by me until the start of August because I want to focus on having a large amount of retro games to review and the longer Playstation and Playstation 2 can be played later on.

I have been also preparing for 3 speedrunning marathon that are upcoming starting this coming Friday. The interesting thing is that each run is of a different game or category, meaning that it is 3 times the preparation and also 3 times the amount of things that I will need to remember. First up is this Friday with the Star Fox 2 any% Normal race at Speedrun 2 Change The World, which will be fun because it is going to be the first official race of the category or the game as a whole. I did some practice races with the fellow racer and the experience i got from those races will be vital to putting on a solid performance.

The second marathon is Speedrun Community Outreach to help European and South American speedrunners get to SGDQ and my run is of Lester The Unlikely which is next Sunday. There is a unique dynamic to this run because it is a donation incentive of potentially as much as $8000 and I will be the finale of the marathon. The expected audience will also be huge, which will make me feel somewhat nervous and add some pressure to the run because I am now 3rd place in the game. I achieved this feat this week and put myself in a position where I can say that I am good at Lester The Unlikely and the timing was really good for a personal best.

The final marathon in this trilogy is Degen Dash 2, where I will running Star Fox 2 Any% hard, which is on the 6th June. Any% hard is a category I have not run in quite some time and I will need to do some serious derusting of the category so that I can put on the best possible performance. The pressure will be on in this derust because of the fact I lost the world record a decent period ago and I have always promised my community that I would get this record back.

There is something that I will be ramping up the intensity on which I have left to fall by the wayside recently and that is my weight. I have been gaining weight and I need to rectify this as soon as possible because when I was on a roll of losing weight, the positivity was starting to flow from me and I was starting to believe I could become thinner. This passions still burns strong but I have had some things going on in my personal life that have meant I have not focused up anywhere near as much as I should be. I won’t be as large as I am anymore and weight loss will happen because I know I can do it with some motivation and seeing the results. The biggest difference is that there is no final end goal and there is no set amount of weight I want to lose each week, but I rather am going to let it happen naturally. If one week I lose 6lbs and the next week only 2lbs, that 2lbs is 2lbs less that will be putting pressure on my joints and maybe affecting me in later life. I think the next 4 months leading up to my 25th birthday are key because I want to look back and say “That was the turning point”. I know I have talked about this before, but I did fail those attempts looking back, but I am vouching to not let this time be a failure.

Overall, I am feeling happier than I have been as of late, but I am still a long way from feeling 100% happy and I am learning from the tougher experiences to make me a stronger person. The week ahead is busy and full of projects, but I think that these can be doable because it comes down to me being organised and on top of the schedule. Also, only 15 days now until the one year anniversary blog. Stay tuned for that.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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