27/05/2017 (Day 349: The Rise Of A New Speedgame)

For the first time in quite a while I have actually sat down and started working on a brand new speedgame that I have never tried to speedrun before. However, I found out that I might be the first speedrunner of the game and the routing that I did on stream today might be the first attempt to route the game. The funny thing is that I did a casual playthrough through most of the game last year trying once again to route the game, but at the time I had not even been a streamer or speedrunner for a year, meaning that I definitely was both ill equipped and not experienced enough to attempt routing this game. Since then, I have worked on a wider variety of different games of different difficulties, which have definitely made me more prepared for how difficult this speedrun is going to be both to play and route. The game I am talking about is Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei and it will be the first RPG I have done a speedrun of and the second game that I have routed from the ground up, the first being Star Fox 2.

Kyuuyaku as I will refer to it is a game that I have played previously and I am still not sure how I found it, but when I did I was extremely intrigued by it because it was a game like no other I had ever seen. The fact that the first demon (enemy) could either defeat my characters I was using or could level me up, that level of morbid difficulty was something I had never seen in gaming before. I still have not found an RPG like this where the brutality is one of the biggest factors of playing the game. I think that the speedrun with a little bit more endgame investigation to see if the final boss battle can be done in a speedrunning setting because if so, then I believe that the game can be beaten in around 5 hours if the run is done relatively ok. A good run could be about 4 hrs or 3 hrs 45 minutes at a push, but there is no guarantee.

Overall, I think that this new speedgame is something that I look forward to routing further and maybe getting more people interested in the speedgame, like I did with Star Fox 2 back in 2015. I think the game is challenging but these games make for the best speedruns naturally.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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