26/05/2017 (Day 348: Phantessma: The Fast Banjo Pokemon Speedrunner)

Today I would like to speak to you all about a streamer who is extremely entertaining and is a great variety streamer. This streamer does speedrunning of Banjo Kazooie, sometimes does some casual playthroughs of games and also does Pokemon nuzlocke challenges. I have seen some variety casters mix it up in terms of genre of game that they are playing, but the merging of speedrunning and casual is something I have experimented with in the past with no success. However, this streamer achieves this with ease and it makes for a streamer that I can definitely look forward to watching because there is an element of mystery about what she will be playing on the next stream. The streamer I will be speaking to you all about today is Phantessma and she is a streamer who if you like variety streamers or speedrunning in general is someone that you should definitely check out.

I found her by someone who was hosting her I think about 2 months ago and she was playing a Pokemon Blue nuzlocke challenge. What a nuzlocke challenge is that the player can only catch the first person that they see once they have Pokeballs to be able to catch Pokemon. The player can not catch the same Pokemon twice and if a Pokemon from the previous route is the Pokemon they first encounter, then the next encounter that is not a Pokemon that they have caught is the Pokemon they have the option to catch. Also, when a Pokemon faints in battle, the player cannot revive the Pokemon and that Pokemon will need to put into the box in the Pokecentre and not used again. This sort of Pokemon playthrough is quite challenging on the player, but it makes for a fun and interesting stream to watch. Phantessma was trying to complete this in a randomiser setting, where Pokemon, their moves and their types are completely randomised as well, which adds another level of challenge. The other intriguing thing was that this randomiser was on a generation 1 game with Pokemon up to generation 5, which is something that I had not ever seen before.

When I first joined her chat, I was not sure what to expect because it had been quite some time since I had seen a randomiser, nuzlocke challenge. However, after a little bit of time I decided to say hello and introduce myself as someone who was new to the chat and stream. The reception I get from the chat and Phantessma herself was extremely warm and welcoming, which made me feel immediately at home. She was very accommodating in terms of answering my questions about the randomiser challenge she was doing, therefore I didn’t feel confused about what she playing and why there are other generations of Pokemon in the original game.

The thing I love about Phantessma and her stream is that she has such a big personality and is very confident on stream. She projects her voice and their gameplay simultaneously very well and this alongside a chat that is great makes for a great stream to visit. It also a more mature stream that is more adult in terms of content, which I normally don’t follow streamers who curse somewhat on stream, but I think it the fact that Phantessma doesn’t curse every other word that makes the stream pretty cool.

Overall, if you are looking for a streamer who is confident, has amazing content and speedruns Banjo Kazooie, then Phantessma is your streamer. She makes for great entertainment and her cursing sometimes makes me crack up with laughter, which is quite rare.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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