25/05/2017 (Day 347: Marathon Madness)

The next couple of weeks for me will be extremely busy because I have a lot of projects that I will be working on in terms of writing reviews and play games. The biggest thing upcoming for me that has me both excited but also nervous is the fact that 2nd June, 4th June and 6th June I have speedrunning marathons that I will be a part of. This period of time I am currently going to be calling “Marathon Madness” because it is the largest concentration of marathon and categories of different games that I have ever ran into.

There will be two different categories of Star Fox 2 that I will be speedrunning at these events, which I will be talking about in future blogs closer to the time, but also the pressure of potentially being the finale of Speedrun Community Outreach on the 4th June. The run that I could be doing is a donation incentive and I will be running if the final donation goal for the whole marathon is it. To put that into perspective, my run of Lester The Unlikely for this marathon could be worth upwards of $8000, which I will be honest I have never been worth that much or had something worth that much. The size of the audience could also be a factor because it is on the larger speedrunning community channel on Twitch in Europe, with nearly 35000 followers. I don’t think that I will experience pressure like that, but it will be an experience that I will take into my stride and learn from.

The next week for me will be key in this situation because what I am going to have to do is prepare as much as I can by streaming more than I am used to, as well as making sure that my reviews and my games that I need to play do not fall by the wayside. However, what I will do over the upcoming weekend is pretty much go all out on these projects and make sure that I work tirelessly, so that I am in the best possible position heading to the busy period. The thing I must not do is overwork myself to the point of fatigue because I have had a lot of things going on that I wish to go into that have been taking their toll on me and burning out now would be disastrous. I know I am sounding ominous and somewhat concerning right now, but the thing I understand now is that I know what my limits are and exceeding these limits, I also know the consequences.

Overall, I have a lot of things going on that I need to work on and prepare for, which is why more than ever I need to be scheduling my time efficiently, so that I optimise my time but also not burnout. The amount of back to back marathon will test my concentration and my mental agility to do multiple speedruns for big marathons in a row.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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