24/05/2017 (Day 346: Project Progress)

I mentioned on Monday that I was back to normal, working hard on as many projects as I possibly can whilst I have the time to. This has continued to be the case over the past couple of days especially in terms of video editing, which is something that I have not done all that much of until quite recently. I have done a compilation for CiraCorellia of her jumpscares that I was able to put together and the video was really well received by her and her community. I then yesterday made and published a compilation of things that I found funny form Tashnarr’s stream and today I made and published another video.

I have noticed that each video I make, I have been growing in confidence in terms of what I am able to do in terms of editing style. Even though I only have iMovie at my disposal, I still work my magic the best I can to make well edited videos that are much simpler than a collection of clips. I am not sure what it was that made me decide to make and edit more videos recently, but I think it was CiraCorellia giving me permission to me to make a compilation of her. That video was edited relatively simply compared to the video that I published today, where there were some green screen work with images, reversing audio and video simultaneously and some audio changes to add effect. I even edited the audio levels so that the audio was at a well balanced level because I previously did not do this, which meant that the quality of the videos was lower than I wanted it to be. As I am writing this blog, I just heard from someone who knows the person I made the video of today and they said that the video was amazing which made me feel accomplished. I definitely will be doing more video editing projects in the future because I really enjoy making them and it is allowing me to develop a new skill that I had no experience in.

Review writing and preparation has also been going really well because I have sorted out my writing and playing schedule and safe to say, I think this time I will be able to stick to it better. There are weeks upcoming that will be tougher especially juggling multiple RPG’s at the same time, but I also have the freedom to start these longer games early if I feel that I have the spare time to. This will hopefully mean when the weeks come around where I am working on multiple RPG’s, that at least the pressure might be lower than it otherwise might be. I definitely feel that in the past couple of days that my confidence has been restored and growing even because I am enjoying the projects rather than thinking I have to do them, which was my problem before.

Overall, things are looking much more brighter than before and I definitely raising back up in confidence and efficiency, which is a huge plus. All I need to do now is maintain it, so that I can continue to get further ahead on reviews, games and making videos, so that I can work on some projects that have been pushed aside for too long.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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