23/05/2017 (Day 345: Elaaaaargh: The Shiny Pokemon Hunter)

Today I would like to speak about a wonderful streamer who has quickly become of my favourite streamers to watch if I have an itching to watch some Pokemon shiny hunting. This streamer streams Pokemon exclusively and is trying to catch a shiny version of every Pokemon on two games at the same time. These two games are Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Sun/Moon and she is attempting to get a full Pokedex of shiny Pokemon. The streamer I will be speaking about today is Elaaaaargh or Ela for short and she is such a cool streamer and wonderful person.

I found her I think when I was looking for a streamer to watch and I decided to check who the streamers I was following were hosting, as this is one of the way that I find some of my favourite streamers. I am not sure who was hosting Ela, but normally when I see someone streaming Pokemon games of any kind, it normally grabs my attention since I grew up with the franchise. There was something different about watching someone try for an entire shiny Pokedex and the sense of adventure of finding these very rare types of Pokemon.

When I first tuned in Ela’s stream, I was quite nervous because she is playing a Pokemon game and sometimes when I tune in and watch new streamers who I have never watched before, I tend to be careful to make sure I make a good first impression. I did my usual greeting and Ela was really happy to see me and asked me how I was and it really did wonders in terms of making me feel welcome. I instantly knew that Ela was going to be a streamer that I would really enjoy watching on a regular basis and within about 30 minutes I had dropped a follow.

The main things that I really like about Ela’s stream is first of all, how much of a wonderful personality she is. Ela is so upbeat and extremely happy to see anyone and everyone in the chat, which makes for a very positive stream for everyone. The moderators in the chat do wonders in terms of making sure that no trolls come into the chat and potentially ruin the positivity that flows seamlessly from the stream. She is always looking at chat and interacting with the chat, which makes it feel like you are chatting to a friend. The chat is a great place to be because everyone is there to make friends and interact with each other and Ela.

Overall, please check out Ela on Twitch because she recently got Twitch Partner and she definitely deserves it. Drop her a follow and if you are watching her from the blog, tell her I said hello.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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