22/05/2017 (Day 344: I Am Back Fighting Fit)

Today I decided that after about 2 weeks of being away from the projects that I was doing for May Motivation, I would have a look at the projects I was doing and do a complete restructure of what I was planning to do. The problem I had was that if I looked back at the list of projects I was doing, for example the games I wanted to play, then there would be this feeling that I had not done what I setted out to do in the first place. The reason why I restructured this was because I wanted today to be the start of me getting back on the wagon of project progression and put the last couples of weeks of slacking off this projects to one side.

The first thing I did was to see what videos and music I wanted to make between now and the 2nd July, which is 6 weeks away. The main reason why I plan so far ahead in this case is because instead of being indecisive about what I wanted to do next, I had a clear layout for what games I want to play and the other projects that I wanted to work on. So, I randomly picked the games I wanted to play because I have a problem where I can’t decide what games to play sometimes and randomising the console and game means I will be playing games that I might have not tried before. There is some freedom in this because there might be a week or two where the games might not take long to complete, but in week 4 I will be playing 3 RPG’s at the same time. However, if I can complete all the projects for say week 2 ahead of time, then I can work on these longer projects ahead of time to ease any potential pressure on me. The reviews as well I am overhauling because I want all the reviews up to mid November written by the date I specified earlier due to the fact that I won’t be playing any Playstation titles for a little bit so that I can explore the other console libraries.

I also have quite a few videos in the pipeline that I both need to get things for and edit, which can take quite a sizeable period of time to edit and organise. When I am editing, I have an approach where I want to optimise every second of viewing time for the audience, which means that I am quite meticulous when I am putting a project together. 3 of these videos are compilations for other streamers, which I have been able to complete one of today and will be published in the coming days. The other video will be me making a reflection video about Rapture Gaming Festival, which might simply be the photos from the event and a couple of bits of videos as I didn’t record any footage at the event.

Overall, I am back on the wagon and working hard again after what has been a turbulent past week and it feels good to be back. I definitely want to continue to work hard on making quality content for you all and I hope you enjoy the content leading up to my one year blog anniversary which is really soon.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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