21/05/2017 (Day 343: Marathon Run 2 Reflection: Lester The Unlikely)

Yesterday was my other speedrun that I did for DistantStarCares for St Jude and it was of Lester The Unlikely. It was safe to say in the build up to this run that this was the game that I was most nervous about running for 2 quite important reasons. The first reason was that this speedrun was the game that opened up the third day of the marathon and if the run did go to plan, then it could have set the tone for the entirety of the day of the marathon. The other reason was simply because I had not previously ran the game at a marathon because of how recent the game became an game that I was an active speedrunner in. These two things were things that I was worried were going to overshadow the run and potentially cause issues, but this was as far from the case as possible.

The first half of the run apart from a few mistakes here and there that were I think mainly from inexperience and the fact that I am still learning the game were things that would have naturally happened. I did play it safer than I normally do in this first section because it allowed me to find a rhythm and focus on making sure that my commentary was on point. The safety definitely did help me settle down and within a couple of minutes of the start of the run, any nerves that I was suffering previously subsided and I was in the zone.

The second half of the run apart from Pylon Skip being annoying to get went really well because I was able to integrate a new strategy that I have been meaning to master, which is a successful Spider fight. Before the marathon run, I had practiced this a lot because Spider was one of the few stages that were a huge weakness of me and in recent weeks, these weaknesses had been sorted out apart from Spider. The new Spider strategy went really well and I was able to execute it with quite considerable accuracy. The final section of the speedrun went really smoothly with very few mistakes and the run ended up being high 18 minutes. Considering that it was only about 2 or 3 weeks ago that I was able to break the sub 20 minutes barrier, the fact that I did a marathon run with some pressure on my shoulders, to pull out a sub 20 that looked solid, I am really proud of the run.

Overall, I definitely think I should submit Lester The Unlikely for more marathons in the future because I definitely have a knack for pulling out solid runs of this game when it is needed of me. I also think that showing that the speedrun of the game is really smooth and enjoyable might help grow the community.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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